Stunned, Speechless, Outraged, Heartbroken

Sorry for the long absence, but wow life blew up – lyme disease scare, car theft, step daughter, traveling, and more. But I will catch you all up on that at a later date. Right now I need to compose my thoughts on the current situation of our country. I feel the best way to…

Dear Cable, This Relationship Isn’t Working

Dear Cable TV,

I’ve let this relationship go on too long, and it hasn’t been working for a while. I feel like I give and give and give to you, and I don’t get nearly enough in return.

You are going to regret having a child…

People don’t walk around telling mothers they are going to regret having children, no b/c the mom would bitch slap them with her lactating boob. Sooooooo, why is ok to tell women who don’t want children that they will one day regret it??

Empty Wet Carnival

Do you remember as a child the joy that simple carnival rides, games, and of course food gave you? Riding rides until you were sick, but not caring b/c you were having sooooo much fun? As we get older, I think a lot of us forget that joy and our lives become empty, wet carnivals.

Cue Theme Music…This is the Voice

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE reality shows based on singing. Maybe b/c I feel like in a future life I will be a singer (not this one, I am tone deaf in this one). And in my opinion The Voice is the best, the cream of the crop, American Idol on crack, the pick of the litter…I think you get the point and understand my obsession.

Welcome to Life Inside My Brain

Meet the brain behind this writing adventure. The constant theme through all of these will be my outlook on life. I like to keep an optimistic outlook on life, and I do think I am extremely luck to take wake up every morning, but I am also a realist in all aspects of my life.