Cue Theme Music…This is the Voice

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE reality shows based on singing. Maybe b/c I feel like in a future life I will be a singer (not this one, I am tone deaf in this one). And in my opinion The Voice is the best, the cream of the crop, American Idol on crack, the pick of the litter…I think you get the point and understand my obsession.

IMG_0826 2

So anyway, all that to say I am providing you with my own personal review of Monday night’s episode of The Voice (from the comfort of my couch, sippy cup of wine in hand). So singer by singer here goes:

Shalyah Fearing – First of all she is such a baby singer, but O.M.G she can blow! Singing Miley didn’t necessarily showcase her full range of blowing your mind, but she did do a fantastic job. Feedback from the Lovable Giant – She could win this.

Daniel Passino – He’s a little creeper, creeping back onto the show and into my heart. Such soul in his performance of “Time after Time”. He surprises me, b/c I don’t ever think I am going to like him when he starts and for some reason I always do. Feedback from the Lovable Giant – Glad he’s back.

Paxton Ingram – Singing “Break Every Chain”,  definitely showed off his range in notes and he got to do a little gospel. I just love the fact that he is on Blake’s team, totally different styles but they work so well together. And Paxton’s smile, it just lights up the room. Feedback from the Lovable Giant – He’s singin’.

Owen Danoff – I know he is a grown man, but I think he is adorable, like pinch his cheeks adorable. His performance of “Fire and Rain” was an emotional one. However, I think he might end up in the bottom again b/c he just didn’t knock my socks off. Feedback from the Lovable Giant – This ain’t sounding good at all.

Mary Sarah – Country isn’t my preference of music, and I have never heard “Johnny and June” (don’t hate me if you are a country fanatic). Regardless of that, Mary Sarah is GOOD, like the next Carrie Underwood good. And I just always love what she is wearing, makes me wish I still had my college body and could wear those short little dresses. And the heels, killer, but literally would kill my feet. Lovable Giant – She could win this.

Alisan Porter aka Curly Sue – MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE (my Jordan of this season). I’m not a huge fan of kids (well for myself at least), but hers are adorable (Sorry, squirrel moment). With “Stay with me Baby” she killed it like she always does. The notes she can hit and the range of her voice just amazes me. And she puts so much of herself and her feelings into each performance, and this was no different. That last note though, chills! Lovable Giant – He has left the apt to work on his car (fingers crossed he doesn’t break or blow-up anything).

Bryan Bautista – First of all, who wants to throw their panties (or boxer briefs) at him? I wouldn’t know b/c the Lovable Giant has exclusive rights on mine- but I can imagine! Also, tangent moment – Christina is just amazing with these little singing moments she throws out there. Bryan’s singing “Just the Way You Are” probably melted a few hearts and made everyone want to stay just the way they are. And his sister crying in the audience, how could you not fall in love with this guy? Lovable Giant – still outside, thankfully he didn’t see me entranced by this one.

Adam Wakefield – Southern rock, what is that? Another word for rocker country music? Whatever it is, I do enjoy it much more than straight up country. Him singing Journey totally worked for him. His voice sounded gruff and melodic at the same time. Made you want to grab a beer and wave a lighter in the air. Also, the graphics on stage totally looked awesome. Lovable Giant is still outside – might need to check and make sure he is still in one piece.

Nick Hagelin – So glad Christina brought him back – again another adorable kiddo and such a wonderful story. Love “Your Body is a Wonderland”, and Nick did a good job with it. Fun performance. Lovable Giant – He did pretty good (said through a mouthful of Oreos and milk).

Hannah Houston – Preschool teacher who can definitely SANG! “I Can’t Make You Love Me”, but really she can with that voice. Soft performance, but still a good one. And she looked beautiful in that dress – red is her color. Lovable Giant – This girl’s so good, mm mm mm.

Laith Al-Saadi – I never know what to think about him, he is just so different but has a lot of talent. Ed Sheeran, “Make it Rain”, daring choice for him. Made it his own and slayed it! I felt it in my bones. He has such a quiet reserved demeanor, and then that voice comes out. Lovable Giant – He did good, he nailed that.

Well that wraps up the episode. Make sure to check it out for yourself at . I promise you won’t regret getting addicted to this show if you love AMAZING singing.

Optimist Opinion – They are all fantastic and amazing for even getting up there and singing. I think they should all have a future in music.

Realist Opinion – Let’s be real, maybe one or two will be able to make a career in music after this. They all have a ridiculous amount of talent, but the music industry is hard.


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