Dear Cable, This Relationship Isn’t Working

Dear Cable TV,

I’ve let this relationship go on too long, and it hasn’t been working for a while. I feel like I give and give and give to you, and I don’t get nearly enough in return. I have consistently given you far too much money every month for years. All I get in return from you is so so service and less money in my checking account.

When the going gets tough and the weather gets bad, you ditch me and it takes hours (sometimes days) for you to return to me. The bundle you bring with you provides me with subpar internet, and I deserve so much better.


After being in a long term relationship with you, you shouldn’t increase what I have to give you. This relationship should grow to where we are both equally contributing to it. However, you continue with the same service and require me to just give even more.

And when I want some extra benefits in this relationship – like HBO or Showtime, or some movies on demand – you hike up your rates and it just isn’t worth it. I have finally decided to cut you off. While it is a bit scary to continue in this world without you, I feel completely liberated to be free of you.

Bring on the affordable (and probably much better) internet service. I’m beginning a relationship exclusively with streaming. If I’m being honest, I’ve been cheating on you for a while now cable with my love affair with Netflix and Hulu. I have now added to my streaming relationship with Playstation Vue. I think I have a bright future with this relationship (relationships – I suppose streaming makes you a bit polygamous).


I wish you the best without me, and the millions of others who are realizing they deserve better. I may miss some aspects of our relationship – watching some TV shows live that I won’t have access to now. But I will fill the void in other ways – with all the money I will be saving.

So cable, this relationship is over and I am not looking back!


A TV Addict who has cut the cord


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  1. Jay Colby says:

    Amazing post I really enjoyed reading it!


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