Empty Wet Carnival

Do you remember as a child the joy that simple carnival rides, games, and of course food gave you? Riding rides until you were sick, but not caring b/c you were having sooooo much fun? As we get older, I think a lot of us forget that joy and our lives become empty, wet carnivals.


I had a subpar day yesterday – long boring meeting at work, horrible rain/thunderstorm following a beautiful few days, Aunt Flow arrived for her visit, and I just felt discouraged about some of my goals (fitness, health, beginning this writing adventure, and the list goes on). I was really wallowing in my own pool of misery, and taking it out on those around me (especially the Lovable Giant when I got home from work). I became, dare I say it, the biggest pessimist ever. Life was in the crapper, and it was never getting better (insert eye roll here, b/c I was being way over dramatic).


My carnival was empty and wet, with no one wanting to show up for the rides or even the funnel cake. Now, you make be scratching your head and wondering why in the world I am talking about carnivals. Well I woke up this morning still not in the greatest mood – the weather was still terrible and I had cramps for days. I drove in to work today, and in our parking lot we have a carnival set up. We were supposed to have a carnival (rides and everything) today to celebrate Mirth Week (a week long celebration on campus to just celebrate joy). But the rain and weather put a damper on those plans.


I stopped as I drove past the desolate carnival, and had a moment of “You need to check yourself”. I had let my mood effect me so much that I had extinguished the joy I find in everyday life. I usually love waking up and facing my day, but I was dragging today. The happiness that cooking usually brings me was erased last night, and it felt like a chore and made me snap at the Giant a few times. My normal optimistic outlook on life wasn’t just tampered with my normal realistic viewpoint, it was overpowered with negativity. So I stopped to find the beauty in the empty, wet carnival.


It might be gloomy, and there may be no one there – but there is still beauty. The colors are vibrant, the designs still amaze me, and the work that goes into putting these together is to be appreciated. Do you ever have those days that just get you down, and bury you in negativity? I try to keep mine few and far between, but they still sneak up on me when I let them. Stop on those days, and try to find the beauty in the simplest things around you – even in the rain. This carnival cheered me up when I took a moment to really think about it, and then in turn think about the beauty I can find in the simple things of my life.


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