Welcome to Life Inside My Brain

Hello Everyone, and welcome to my first blog post! Like all new blogs, I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I plan to use this public posting arena.

I am a young adult (I still consider 31 young, and if you don’t well don’t tell me b/c my feelings will be hurt). I was born and raised in Alabama, and love many parts of the southern culture (insert food, all the food). However, I have since ventured out into the world, and have loved all my adventures – Georgia, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Florida, Utah, and Missouri (and those are only the places I have lived for extended amounts of time, don’t get me started on my travels). Through all of my adventures I have learned more and more how lucky I am to live this life.

One of the largest defining aspects of my personality is that I am an introvert who is forced to live in an extroverted world. Therefore, most of my enjoyment and energy comes from activities that I can do at home or alone (or with the friendly giant), as this is how I recharge. So my journey on this writing adventure will be to share those elements with you. Learn about the latest Netflix or Hulu Show I am watching, and determine if you want to watch it, too. Dive into a great book with me, and go on that adventure yourself if you so desire. Learn about the yumminess (or mishaps) I make in the kitchen (or buy from a restaurant), and gorge on the food for yourself. Explore the city of St. Louis (my current place of residence) through the eyes and adventures of an introvert, and come visit the city for yourself. The constant theme through all of these will be my outlook on life. I like to keep an optimistic outlook on life, and I do think I am extremely luck to take wake up every morning, but I am also a realist in all aspects of my life. Now to end with a quote, b/c well I just like those:

“Dreaming looks romantic, but going after it is the job of an optimist and realist.” – Tasneem Hameed


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