I Don’t Want to Be Anything Other Than What I’ve Been Trying to Be Lately

My current Netflix binger – One Tree Hill. While I love this show, and am of course currently addicted, I have an issue with the portrayal of high school. In some ways I love the high school experience these kids have, and in other instances these kids aren’t living a childhood. One of my favorite episodes is the one where they go to prom at another high school, and the kids there look at them like they are crazy for all their experiences (except love, who doesn’t have that first love in HS). My experience was NOTHING like this show, and I will tell you why:

1 – I had parents at home ALL THE TIME, and so did most of my friends. The concept of living in an apartment, living at home alone while your father is out at sea, or just having completely absent parents is a concept I just don’t understand. These kiddos in this show have NO parental supervision (even the ones who have parents who live at home). I mean they are basically adults posing as high school students (yes, insert witty sarcasm here). For me, the most my parents left me alone was for ONE weekend. My older sister and I got to stay home by ourselves, and we still had to check in with the neighbors, the grandparents, the pastor, God himself.

2 – Their clothes are way more mature than anything I ever wore. These high schoolers should be models on a runway with the clothes they wear. I mean high end and extremely skimpy sometimes in the case of the girls. I have nothing against them flaunting their bodies, but HELLO where is the school dress code. I would have been sent packing if I showed up in any of the clothes these girls wear. Shorts/skirts 3 inches above the knee, no mid-drift, tank top straps 3 inches across, no leggings, and the list goes on and on for dress code restrictions. More power to the ladies in this show, they have a unique and individual style that isn’t tainted by their fake high school administration. Also, love the statements Brooke makes about embracing your size!



3 – Do they even go to school??? I mean sure we get to see glimpses of them in class from time to time, and Haley tutors Nathan (which is like the only homework we ever really see). But for real – they never go to school or they wander off from school whenever they want to. My butt was in the desk everyday unless I was deathly ill, I did homework for a few hours each night, and I didn’t get to go out partying to all hours of the night on a school night.

4 – Sex.Sex.Sex. Yes, I know teenagers think about it all the time, and yes I know it happens when kids are this age. But for real, it was never as easy as they make it seem in this show. They just roll around in beds all the time (I guess b/c the parents are never there). The kids in my high school at least had to work for it – sneaking around in cars, finding out when your friend’s parents would be out of town, trying to ditch lunch without getting caught. OTH students make it seem like it’s not a big deal, and they also make if seem like high schoolers actually get it right the first time and every other time following that. Let’s be real – orgasms don’t happen right off the bat and most high school boys are too preoccupied with themselves to learn how to make it happen. I like that for the most part the students embrace their sexuality and don’t feel ashamed of it, but at least make it a bit more realistic! However let’s be real, with hunks like these, it’s hard not to think about sex.


5 – Marriage in High School. UMMMMM, craziness! I lived in Utah for 2 years, so I am used to the idea of marrying young (love all my Mormon friends, even with their crazy views on life). But for real, who has parents that would say “Sure honey, you’re only 16, but why not go ahead and get married.”? I for sure didn’t, they would have laughed me out of the house. Love that Haley and Nathan made it work (at least they had real struggles and it wasn’t just lovey dovey all the time), but who really knows who they are at that age?? I changed, matured, learned about life, and became me from the ages of 18-still learning. But if I had settled down with the “LOVE OF MY LIFE” in high school, lord knows my life would be different (and not in a good way). I didn’t know who I was, I had so much life to experience, and I needed to do it on my own for while.


For real though, I do love this show – I mean watch 5 episodes while holding in pee and munching on what ever is next to me love this show. I make the Giant binge watch this with me (while he will never admit it, he becomes hooked on all the shows I watch too – I just know it). While the high school experience isn’t the most realistic, they do hit on a lot of important topics and don’t really sugar coat them (school violence, bullying, sex, abortion, abuse, rape, stalking, high school pregnancy, and the list goes on and on). It does make me feel like I was a bit of a prude in high school, and that I had a lame experience. At the same time, it makes me thankful for the parents I had and the small town life I got to enjoy – high light of the weekends: rolling people’s houses, having buggy races in grocery store parking lots, and catching lightening bugs (if you don’t know what any of that is, it’s b/c you aren’t from Alabama).

Let me know how your high school experience compared if you are an avid One Tree Hill fan as well. If you aren’t, what are you doing reading this post still – START BINGE WATCHING ON NETFLIX NOW!!!!!

*Images found through google, if they are yours and you want them taken down please let me know.*

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